Belly Button Rings

If it has been a long time you have not focused on your body, then you should give a little attention to adorning it. And getting a piercing is a way to show your self-love. But your unique choices will make you different from others. So get up and go for a belly piercing. A choice that will make you unique in your way.
Belly button rings are a way to flaunt your physical beauty. They highlight how much you love each part of your body and love to adorn it. Belly jewelry always catches the eye of whomever you come across.
They are the right choice for being unique and sexy at the same time. You can have a look with the element of being trendy, adorable, and admirable in concert.
A belly button ring enhances your personality and makes you attractive for a bit of flirtation.

Beautiful Design

The belly button rings appeal to the aesthetic side because of their beautiful designs. You will find numerous patterns that will make you stand out. They are available in various colors, and colorful beads or gems decorate them. Some of the belly rings are handcrafted and give an ethereal look.
The designs are specially designed to make them unique. They range from traditional to trendy, floral to geometric, or classy to simple. You can get your hands on any design and color to match them with your outfits.
Try different and be distinct!
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Hypoallergenic property

Most people have sensitive skin. And they get infected whenever they pierce any part of their body. But belly button rings are specifically designed in a way that they prevent infections.
The material is healing-friendly and free of even the trace of nickel because nickel causes infections and makes a piercing worse.

Benefits of belly button rings

A perfect ring for your belly piercing should have the qualities we are mentioning here:

The material used in the making of the belly button jewelry is of prime importance as many factors like the quality and strength depend on it. Mostly they are made of either stainless steel or surgical titanium.
The belly button ring’s material is way different from the material of conventional jewelry. As traditional jewelry solely focuses on aesthetic appeal, belly button rings material considers many aspects like sensitivity.
Other materials include Bio flex, sterling silver, silver, and solid gold.

When you get a belly piercing for the first time, you might think it is conventional and straightforward belly piercing jewelry. But there is so much more to that. As the diversity in the material, there is a lot of variation in the style of the navel ring.
You can wear it in different ways. Usually, girls like to wear it over the belly button as if it is hanging. This style is the standard style of wearing a belly ring.
But you should try something different too. If you want to experiment with the style, a reverse belly ring is also available that you can wear in a combination. You can get belly chains that look even more stylish.
There is a range of styles for belly button rings. You can have an actual ring of the shape of your belly button or a seamless ring. There are other styles like the horseshoe barbell, stylish hoop, captive ring, etc.
Be daring and pick whatever you want.

The belly button rings come with various accents and embellishments that add to the charm of these. You can have a dangly belly button jewelry with a bezel-set gem or a fixed one.
Other accents include pineapple-shaped gem, diamond-shaped accents, and a gem-studded ring with or without a ring dangling along with it. Or you can choose a simple belly ring without accents. It could be a simple barbell bent or straight. They can have stones like rhinestones and diamonds, making them beautiful. The choice is yours. Choose whatever fits your taste.

Size Range:
Every belly button is different, and so is the requirement of a belly button. But don't worry, as belly button rings come in different sizes. And each part is specific in size to meet your needs of the perfect size for a navel piercing.
The first part is the shaft of the navel post, which is 10 mm long. Then comes the width of the navel post that is 1.6 mm according to the standard size.
The bar is not very thick and measured in gauge. A standard belly button shaft is 14 g thick.

The belly piercing jewelry is not fragile. It could last you a long time and won't get worn out. Their material is pretty strong, which does not break easily. You have to wear them every day, and in water, the material makes them rust-free. They are moisture-resistant as well, particularly belly rings made of solid gold.
Their surface is smooth to avoid any breakage points. Spend on them without a second thought of being durable.

If you think you can wear belly button rings to rock parties, only then are you wrong. They are perfectly fit for many occasions like Christmas Day, birthday, anniversary, wedding, Valentine’s Day, vacation, Halloween party, fancy ball, and many more.
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