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How to Tape Your Boobs? - Methods for V-Neck and Plunge Dress

The boob tape is becoming popular because it is quite useful for women while wearing any kind of dress. All the celebrities use the boob tape for lifting the boobs in a V-neck dress. So if you want to know how to tape your boobs? Stick with us till the end!

How to Tape Your Boobs for Backless Dress?

There are several methods to tape breasts for backless dress. But we are sharing the most simple ones here. Taping boobs will be tricky if you haven’t tried them before. We recommend taking the help of any fellow.

Reasons to Tape Boobs

The most common reasons for taping the boobs include the following:

  1. You can reduce the movement of the breasts when you are not wearing a bra.
  2. It will give the right lift to the boobs.
  3. You will have the best way to wear the plunge and v neck dresses with the right shape of boobs.
  4. It is beneficial for those artists who want to dress up like a man because it will be flatting the chest if you wrap the tape all over the boobs.
  5. This tape will help you to have the right cleavage, and you will be able to make the appearance of boobs better than before in any kind of formal or informal dress.

How to Apply Boob Tape for a Plunge Dress?

Follow these steps for taping breasts up:

  1. You have to get the medical tape and cut it in 12 inches. You will have the perfect shape if you lift the boobs at once before and then apply tape. Also, you can take the help of any friend.
  2. If you want to have a longer hold, extend the tape from the shoulders to the breasts ending line. You need to know what dress you will wear and then apply tape according to that shape.
  3. You have to apply two strips and use a cotton pad or the nipple covers before taping them.
  4. Do the same for the other breast.
  5. You can apply the tape in a horizontal manner if you are going to wear a plunge dress.

In this way, you will surely have the right push-up taped breasts effect with the boob tape.

How to Apply Boob Tape for Backless Dress?

Follow these steps for applying boob tape to wear a backless dress:

  1. You have to lean completely before applying the tape. No matter which shape you need, first, you have to lift the breasts together.
  2. Now you have to cut the strips of tape and apply them to the chest. The tape should be 12 inches at least, so you can apply it correctly on the area from boobs to the shoulder.
  3. You can increase the size of the tape as per the shape of the dress you are going to wear.
  4. Make sure that you apply the tape correctly and apply another layer on it.
  5. Do use the nipple covers before applying tape on them.

Removal of Boob Tape

The tough part is here. Suppose you are going to remove the boob tape for the first time, then you have to take a deep breath. The boob tape comes with highly strong adhesive, and you need to take it off with force to have less pain.
Other than that, the best way to remove the tape is by wetting the breast area and where you applied the tape. You will have to loosen the adhesive with the hot water, and it will be easier and less painful to take off when it’s wet. Do not wait for a long time after taking a bath to take off the tape.
Apart from that, you can use olive oil to remove the stickiness of the adhesive. You will have the simplest way to remove the tape by using the oil, and it will not hurt. Try any one method for removing the tape from breasts easily.

Things to Keep In Mind While Applying Boob Tape

Now that you know how to apply the boob tape, you have to keep some other things in mind.

  1. Do not use the tape on the skin area that is burned or damaged. You will have irritation after applying the tape if it is sunburned.
  2. You should apply a small patch of tape on the boobs to test for the first time. Moreover, you have to apply it to an area that is not hairy, so it doesn’t hurt while taking off.
  3. You have to use the tape when the skin is completely dry. Do not apply any kind of lotion on the skin before applying the tape because it will not stick correctly.
  4. Avoid using the tape if you sweat a lot. Do not use the adhesive too often. You can use it on the area that is dry and not itchy at all.
  5. Make sure the skin not having any dryness or oil before you apply it to the skin.
  6. When you are going to apply the tape, you can wipe the area with the alcohol, and there should not be any dirt, so adhesive sticks for a long time.
  7. You can take a hot shower to take off the tape easily. Also, you will not have any trouble while taking off the tape if it has been stick-on for a long time.
  8. Some amount of residue might be left on the skin, and you can take it off by taking some amount of baby oil. Also, the diluted nail polish remover can take off the residue easily.

Thanks for the read!